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Pro Ultimate – Carbon Block

Carbon Block prefilter for Pro, 5 micron

Bluewater Original Pro Ultimate Carbon Block Filters are designed to ensure optimal water quality when used with Bluewater Pro 600.

The Pro Ultimate Carbon Block Activated Carbon prefilter removes bacteria, algae, dust, rust and other microbes down to a size of 5 micron (5 µm). It also removes chlorine, heavy metals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and enhances taste and scent. The The Pro Ultimate Carbon Block should be replaced every 6 months.

  • Innovated with love in Sweden
  • Part of Bluewater’s patented SuperiorOsmoisis™ technology ensuring premium purification and market leading water flow
  • Eliminates 99% of most known contaminants such as bacteria, algae, dust, rust and other micro particles in the daily used water for drinking or cooking
  • Utilizes activated coconut carbon to enhance taste, colour and scent
  • Delivers crystal clean, great tasting, healthier drinking water directly to your faucet
  • Ensures the best possible water quality – Water as pure as nature intended
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Technical Features

  • Removes contaminants larger than 5 micron (5 µm)
  • Contains only certified quality coconut activated carbon to remove chlorine, unpleasant taste, colour and scent
  • Unique industry solution with parallel flows that can filter up to 5,7 littres of water per minute in Bluewater Pro 600
  • Handles water temperatures up to 35°C
  • Recommended replacement cycle every 6 months

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