Bluewater Pro

The superior water purifier!

Bluewater Pro is perhaps the most powerful and most compact water purifier on the market and is used both in professional environments and in private homes.

Bluewater Pro is ideal for professional kitchens, hotels and hospitals and is used for drinking and cooking as well as to remove lime scale and create crystal clean water for washing and ironing.

For the home environment Bluewater Pro is used to create a complete water purification system that covers the whole house. The unique Swedish solution purifies all incoming water into pure, healthier drinking water - whether it is well water, lake water or brackish water it's no problem for Bluewater Pro.


Bluewaters own patented technology SuperiorOsmosis™ has opened up for a whole new generation water purifiers both in terms of performance and design. The technology is developed in Sweden with the aim to deliver pure water 24 hours a day. The new technology is energy efficient and fully utilizes the inlet water. Bluewaters SuperiorOsmosis™- technology delivers up to 70% purified water and only 30% waste water. In traditional RO-units the ratio is usually the direct opposite, up to 70% waste water and only 30% pure water.

A unique solution that takes care of brackish water!

Over 70 percent of our Earth's surface is covered by oceans. Most of the water is not drinkable, but Bluewater Pro pushes the boundaries through its unique ability to convert brackish water into healthier drinking water.

Purification Flow


    • Economical water circulation system
    • Efficient wastewater solution
    • Direct flow and no need of tank
    • Purifies up to 5,7 liters of water/min (342 liters/h)
    • Market leading water purification
    • Low energy consumption
    • Low cost maintenance
    • Compact and neat Swedish design
    • Cleaning brackish water

How to install a Bluewater Pro